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AAAFX International Review

AAAFX, who are they and what do they offer?

Cryptocurrency has become integral in almost every aspect of running businesses and investing. It’s become a mainstay in stock trading and has provided an alternative to fiat currency trading. And while trading in crypto in the stock market is seemingly alien, FX Brokers like AAAFX International lends a hand. As a beginner, it’s often a challenge to figure out how this process works. However, you have less to worry about since this review explains why AAAFX International is ideal for you.

What is AAAFX International?

AAAFX International is headquartered in Greece, founded in 2008, and it’s become one among the crucial simple interface software acting as a broker for Forex traders. Especially so, it offers services in crypto, acting as a counter agent to facilitate the process. It offers tools and resources that traders can use to rack up profits and high returns in trading stocks using crypto. It’s operational worldwide and offers services in 176 countries with a rich diversity of 11 languages.

Who Can Qualify to Use AAAFX International?

Both beginners and experts in crypto trading can qualify to use AAAFX International. Its user interface is simple and entry-level, and you can use it regardless of your level of expertise in trading stocks using crypto. The site offers two trading platforms to trade your crypto, including the Zulu trade and Meta4 platforms.

  • Zulu Trade

AAAFX International offers automated and manual trade and is a secure platform to trade in, thanks to the proficient ZuluGuard and the Margin Call-o-Meter. It allows you to write code through ZuluScripts and trade seamlessly. The platform isn’t overly intricate, and you can quickly learn how it operates. You can still leverage the Zulutrade promo as an added perk of trading on this platform.

  • Meta4

Meta4 is also a viable alternative for trading crypto on the Forex market. You can download this platform for free at AAAFX https://AAAFX International.com/ and start trading instantly. It’s a go-to option if you’re well versed with manual trading since it offers more analysis and charting tools. It has social and automated social trading capabilities via the ZuluTrade add-on, and its user interface is also friendly.

Leverage, Trading Fees, and Protection

You can open an AAAFX International account with different leverage rates depending on your location. International leverages are seemingly higher than the local ones, reaching over 1:500 for every instrument. However, local trades offer leverages as low as 1:30. You also get a margin calculator online to calculate your leverages, or you can contact the readily available customer support for more information. And of course, you get cash back Forex rebates or charged way less in commissions in your subsequent pays.

The trading fees for crypto aren’t definite yet, but you can use the CFDs and other asset fees to get a straightforward picture. Nonetheless, Bitcoin charges a 4% fee for converting it to fiat currency and back. If you’re more concerned with AAAFX International trading security, fret not because it’s secured with SSL encryption and includes firewalls and access control mechanisms.

Regular and Islamic Accounts

AAAFX International offers three accounts: the classic, MT4, and profit-sharing accounts. However, you can also open an Islamic account offering Zero swaps regarding international law. This inclusive approach gives it an upper hand over the rest of the trading software with a simple click set-up process. If you get a change of faith mid-voyage, you can also apply for an account change to Islamic. However, you cannot hold regular and Islamic accounts simultaneously.

Customer Support

AAAFX International opens on Sundays and closes on Fridays, and offers 24-hour customer support five days per week. You get more reliable help in 11 languages quickly if you encounter problems or need to make inquiries. AAAFX International’s telephone varies according to your location but still has a chat button at the right corner of the website. However, you contact them from anywhere through support@aaafx.com.

AAAFX International Crypto Trading Pros

AAAFX International Crypto Trading Cons

  • There are no training materials for beginners, and navigating through it might be marginally challenging but entirely possible, thanks to its simple, user-friendly interface.
  • No VPS available

AAAFX Frequently Asked Questions

Is AAAFx trusted?

The Financial Services Authority does indeed oversee and accredit AAAFx as a reliable and reputable broker (FSA). They also provide a fast order execution and a high level of protection for the funds in your account in addition to offering minimal fees and spreads. They are also a component of the Zulu Trade program, which gives users the ability to earn passive revenue in their spare time.

Does AAAFx accept US clients?

No, AAAFx does not accept US clients.

Is AAAFx regulated?

Yes, AAAFx is regulated by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC) and the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA).

Is AAAFx regulated in South Africa?

Yes, AAAFx is regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa.

Does AAAFX offer MT5?

The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform is available via AAAFx.com. The platform provides traders with access to 21 different periods, which enables them to do in-depth market research. Additionally, the platform has two more pending orders than the MT4 does.


As crypto trading is taking shape, it’s opening a wide range of options to help you trade conveniently. You won’t have to limit yourself to company shares or stock indexes, but you can still use cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, this article will help you trade in the Forex market using crypto with AAAFX International pretty seamlessly.

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