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This is a comprehensive guide for those who want to become forex traders.

You’ve heard just enough feedback “through the grapevine” to make you wonder if Forex trading represents a potentially feasible possibility for you to generate a part-time, or perhaps full-time, income stream for yourself. You’ve also done enough searching through the reams and reams of occasionally skimpy, occasionally confusing, and occasionally flat-out misleading information available for free on the Internet to realize that you need a more comprehensive introductory overview to help you understand what it’s all about – before diving headlong into the art and science of applying any particular trading methodology using a particular trading platform.

For those who are new to FX trading, or who are aspiring traders with only one or two years of trading experience under their belt, and have ever felt a need for a comprehensive, practical and most importantly – completely realistic – overview of what the Forex industry is all about and what it takes to become a competent practitioner within it, we just might have the learning resource that you’ve been looking for. ! is the title of our new guidebook, which is accessible in both hard copy and online formats.

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