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Why should you choose OFX?

We are often asked why you should choose OFX for your money transfers by our clients and so thought we would map it out for you in a blog post!

Great rates

Keep more of your money as it travels around the world

Fix your FX rates

Create cash flow certainty, fix FX rates for up to 12 months and transfer later

Peace of mind

OFX is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and monitored by over 50 regulators globally

24/7 support

Talk to a real person at any time, day or night

50+ currencies

Make transfers to over 190 countries (check rates here)

Easy to use

Check rates, make payments or track transfers online or via an app

Sign Up for an OFX Account here

Why should you choose OFX?

How OFX works


Get a quote that is better-than-bank exchange rates.


Enter your recipient’s bank account details and lock-in your transfer.


Send your funds to OFX and they’ll complete the transfer to your recipient.

Selling internationally can cost you more in currency fees than you realise

Why should you choose OFX?

  • Cost-effective   Marketplaces and payment providers charge high margins on your transfers.
  • Fast – Expedite critical aspects of your supply chain with fast, efficient money transfers. You choose when to bring your money home, wherever in the world it is.
  • Easy – Get the equivalent of a local bank account in today’s most profitable international markets: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD and HKD. Wherever you want to grow, OFX is already there.

We hope that explains Why should you choose OFX? But if not then keep reading!

Sign up for OFX Today

How it works

Create an account 

Our account opening process is fast and simple so you can quickly get back to your day. Just fill in a few details and an OFX team member will call you to complete setup.

Account details

Provide your new OFX account number to your online marketplace and start receiving sale proceeds directly into the account.

Take control

You decide when to convert your proceeds back to your home currency or set up automatic transfers. To stay in the loop, track your transfers and check balances online.

Why should you choose OFX?
Sign up to OFX today

Does OFX charge fees?

*OFX charges no transaction fees. Third party fees may apply.

What other services do they offer?

Money Transfers

Currency Exchange

Online Sellers Market Place Payments

Do you now understand Why should you choose OFX? OK, lets continue!

What about OFX security?

Identity Protection

OFX takes care to gather the right information from you, to protect you from identity theft and fraud. Passwords, security questions and automatic time-outs are in place to keep your account safe.

Fraud Prevention

OFX uses sophisticated technology to monitor registrations, logins and transactions to identify suspicious activity. Their fraud system utilises a multi-layered approach to detect and prevent fraud by detecting phishing, malware and fraudulent apps that are targeting their product and customers.

SSL Encryption

To protect your information from being intercepted, the OFX website’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption creates a secure connection with your browser when you register and login into their online services.

Why should you choose OFX?

How To Protect Yourself

OFX are committed to researching, developing and adopting leading digital security technologies to provide you with a safe and secure service.

  • Keep your passwords and security details safe, so no one else can access your online accounts.
  • Secure your personal documents at home, at your work, and when you travel.
  • Download security updates and use anti-virus software to protect against attacks from new viruses.
  • Identify and delete hoax emails. Filter and delete spam (emails from a source you don’t trust).
  • You should also avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks for secure transactions, like banking or online shopping.
  • When using social media, adjust privacy settings to control what you share. Be careful how much personal information you post or reveal.

Is it any clearer Why should you choose OFX? Ok this next part should give you a much better understanding!

What is a money transfer?

There are more options to transfer money internationally than letters in our brand name.
Explore your advantages like rapid transfers, risk management and FX options below

Rapid Transfers

Single Transfers

Recurring Transfers

Single transfers, or “Spot Deals” allow you to lock-in our great rate, send us your funds and let us do the rest. Whether you’re sending or receiving funds, we make it simple, swift and secure.

  • Locked-in OFX rates
  • Fast transfers

These are ideal for recurring transfers such as a monthly mortgage or quarterly school fees. Whatever your needs are, our recurring transfers are scheduled to ensure you’re on time, every time. Simply set up a transfer schedule and leave the rest to us.

  • Zero OFX fees & direct debit available
  • Minimum 4 transfers

Risk Management

OFX can help manage your personal and business foreign exchange risk with a variety of transfer options.

Set your target rate transfer (limit order)

Target Rate Transfers (Limit Orders) allow you to set your target rate, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. This ensures you don’t miss out if your target rate is reached overnight or while you’re out with family and friends. Once your target rate is triggered, we’ll contact you to complete your transfer.

  • Valid up to 6 months

Buy now, transfer later

If you need to lock in a rate but aren’t ready to transfer now, our Forward Contracts may be for you. You can book transfers between two days and twelve months from today, protecting you against exchange rate movements. Forward Contracts can protect your transfers from currency fluctuations but there are some risks you should know about.

  • Locked-in OFX rates
  • Manage your cash flow

Now you should fully comprehend Why should you choose OFX and be ready to sign up for a FREE account!

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How to Send Money Online

Get bank-beating foreign currency exchange with OFX

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Why should you choose OFX?

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