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CryptoAltum Review (2022)

The platform has tools for monitoring prices of over 2000 different trading pairs on more than 50 exchanges from all over the world in real time. The platform will give you access to trading pairs with the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others. CryptoAltum has tools for monitoring cryptocurrency prices of over 2000 different trading pairs on more than 50 exchanges from all over the world in real time.

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Why use CryptoAltum?

1. Cryptocurrency Converter 

helps monitor the situation on the cryptocurrency market and make strategic decisions, choose which cryptocurrencies to invest in, trade them and start your own business. The conversion calculator has more than 2000 trading pairs on more than 50 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

2. Coin Full-Screen Mode

The application has a built-in browser; you do not need to open another browser to view the crypto-currency information that interests you! You can check the latest updates, news and Twitter posts directly in CryptoAltum.

3. Secure Funding and Exchange of Crypto Currency

CryptoAltum has a built-in exchange with wallets that support the most common coins. You can check your balance in one click, send and receive coins, convert them into any currency. You can also work with cryptocurrencies that are not listed on exchanges. They will be exchanged for the ones you need directly on CryptoAltum platform and deposited to the wallet you have specified in advance.

4. Key Management

With the help of a special key you can control the cryptocurrency exchange and a wallet with the help of a special tool. You can store unlimited number of coins in these accounts and exchange them at any time for profit. A few clicks will do the work for you.

5. Summary reports

Your activity on our platform will be displayed to you in summary reports, which will summarize all your transactions, balances and profits from trading activities from one day to another

6. Fast withdrawals and exchange

You can easily trade your cryptocurrency on the platform CryptoAltum, which will save you a lot of money on commissions. Also, if necessary, you will be able to exchange any cryptocurrency for fiat money at any time. For example, you can convert your BTC into US dollars at once and withdraw them to a payment card with the help of CryptoAltum.

7. Instant Account Opening

You can create an account on the platform in just a few seconds and start trading right away. You will also be able to use your own wallet to trade coins and make money in the process.

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8. Lowest Trading Fees

The platform offers you the lowest trading fees in the market of up to 0.2% per transaction. You can use this money at CryptoAltum for other transactions without restrictions, or you can withdraw them to your bank card.

9. Automatic Trading with the Help of an Automated Robot

It will manage a profitable trading portfolio for you. CryptoAltum can provide you access to trading pairs with the most popular cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others.

10. Add New Coins

You can add new coins to your portfolio with a few clicks. The new addition will be available for you to see at all times. You can use CryptoAltum to trade your coins and make money in the process.

11. It’s Free

It is free, there is, no need to pay for CryptoAltum, just download the application and start using it for free. The platform is completely free of charge and offers you a unique opportunity to test its functionality.

12. Free Crypto Conversions Services.

You can convert any cryptocurrency to the others at no cost using the CryptoAltum platform. It offers the exchange of cryptocurrencies for free. That’s why CryptoAltum is the best solution for cryptocurrency trading, since it allows you to withdraw any cryptocurrency to bank cards or electronic wallets of any fiat currency.

CryptoAltum Pros

  1. It’s Free Application.
  2.  Automated Deposits and Withdrawals – You need to deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrency, which will be automatically converted into fiat money (money in the bank account). It’s very important because only with this option you can withdraw your capital without a huge commission fee.
  3. Free wallet accounts,
  4. Intuitive interface makes the platform easy to use for beginners and professionals
  5. Huge number of trading pairs (more than 2000),
  6. Lowest fees for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

CryptoAltum Cons

  1. Lowest trading volume on some pairs (Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash).
  2. Limited number of free transactions available for each client.
  3. This is a relatively new project, and the platform still has to be improved in many ways due to the fact that there are no very powerful trading engines.

CryptoAltum Review Conclusion

CryptoAltum is a good alternative to those who have lost confidence in the existing exchanges and trading platforms and provides an opportunity to trade with one click from any device. CryptoAltum will meet the needs of both beginners and professionals. Having mastered its management, you can run your own business on it.

The platform provides a democratic interface without restrictions or limitations for users. It allows you to change the crypto currency to the fiat currency, or vice versa. The application has a convenient design, and it is very easy to use.

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