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Fast Track to Forex

A 6-Hour, Step-by-Step Homestudy Video Course That Walks You Through The Fundamentals of Forex Trading

Most beginners to Forex are awestruck by the prospect of participating in the world’s biggest company – now worth at over $4 trillion in daily transactions! Nonetheless, the learning curve associated with being a Forex trader may be intimidating for many. Due to the absence of a systematic method to studying the fundamentals of Forex trading, many traders feel befuddled and lack the confidence necessary to achieve trading success.

To assist you in addressing this, the team has created a fresh new video course aimed at cutting through the clutter of trading jargon and providing you with a strong basis for trading the Forex.

The is presented by Frank Paul, one of our top mentors. Frank, who is also a full-time trader, is crucial in assisting hundreds of Forexmentor members in grasping tough trading ideas. He is the creator of the massively successful Forex Profits with MACD course, as well as the more current SystemsLab, FXM TrendTrader, and COT MarketWatch courses.

Frank is well-known for presenting perplexing subjects in a straightforward manner that is approachable to even those new to the game. A systematic progression through all of the fundamental ideas, all of which are well described and abundantly illustrated, makes this not only an excellent method to immerse oneself in the subject, but also a useful reference moving forward.


Individuals who are new to the Forex market but have traded or invested in other markets and are curious about what makes Forex unique
Those who are brand new to trading in general and want a practical, well-presented introduction overview

Newcomers who are interested but unsure if this is the appropriate chance for them and want to learn more before committing to demo and live trading

Traders dissatisfied with previous beginning courses that neglected to cover critical elements of personal development such as trade preparedness and the skills necessary to thrive in this fascinating market

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