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Gold, forecast 01.09.2022.

Fractal construction, timeframe 1 Week.


Bearing in mind the fractal construction of the Gold quotes chart that was fashioned on 09/01/2022, constructed with a timeframe of 1 week, it may be assumed that the pink fractal has accomplished, which is the 2nd section of the fractal of a better order, which is indicated in darkish inexperienced.

The finished pink fractal stopped the downtrend of GOLD quotes.

The first section of the darkish inexperienced fractal was fashioned as a blue fractal. On this case, the upcoming dynamics of GOLD quotes from 09/01/2022 will happen in an uptrend as a part of the formation of the third section of the darkish inexperienced fractal, which has the identical course as the first section.

The almost definitely upward motion of GOLD quotes will happen within the type of a light-weight inexperienced fractal, which would be the 1st section of a bigger fractal, indicated in darkish blue on the chart.

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