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“Which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade” is the frequently asked question and I want to give you the DEFINITE ANSWER in this video. Are you expecting that I am going to say something like EUR/USD on 5-minute time frame or GBP/USD on daily…? No, it is not so simple, but SIMPLE ENOUGH we can figure it out! The “PROBLEM” is that markets change over time. If GBP-USD was a well trending currency pair a few years ago, today it is another one. I actually want to let you know about a SPECIAL TOOL that I use to find the BEST TRENDING PAIRS among all the Forex pairs.

The software scans 34 Forex pairs on all time frames from minute to monthly. This way you pick the best trending pair and time frame at the current time. The system is running on our powerful computers, so you have nothing to download and install. Just join in and start using it within a FEW MINUTES! Get it on the banner below:

How real is it trading on a demo account? The first benefit is that it is free. Because of this, traders may trade using virtual money provided by the broker. The account itself is not all that different from a genuine one, enabling you to use all the technical tools you need to make all types of transactions based on current quotations, but only in the training mode.

Nonetheless, this procedure does have its flaws.

One should not use a demo account to assess real trading. These two distinct universes have little in common.

One, a dedicated staff of experts oversees servers and trading software, ensuring that they function smoothly.

Two, there are three main psychological components: trading in virtual money (or money that only exists on a computer), you fail to take the Forex markets seriously; therefore, it is a subconscious move to treat this like a game. At the same time, taking action in Forex trading is a thoughtful and serious affair. But trading currencies need not be complicated; it just requires a measure of caution. Since trading actual assets may be hindered by human psychology issues, it is preferable to trade in micro lots and modest sums with real money.

It is important to understand that experienced traders often use these types of accounts for the primary purpose of testing new techniques without putting their personal money at danger. If these tests end up being effective, then the algorithm will be used to actual money.

Acquiring the ability to use a trading terminal. You may practice using the trading program with a demo account without worry of losing money because of your inexperience.

Determining a person’s ability to work with a technological system. It is possible to have a solid grasp on fast decision making by using a demo account. Traders rely on this capacity to do a number of things, including opening and closing orders quickly and correctly, setting take-profit and stop-loss levels, and performing other crucial tasks.

Encompassing market analysis. Demo accounts allow you to examine both the basic and advanced aspects of the market. This scenario gives you the opportunity to build up a strong understanding of the market, which helps you make more logical choices based on a thorough study of the issue.

a test to confirm the efficacy of the trading strategy Though an accurate algorithm may include plenty of information, it may also have flaws that are difficult to discover without testing. Thus, we can verify the numbers in real life – just check it out. In such case, if your trading system has a demo account option, you should definitely take use of it.

A genuine account poses the possibility of delays, slips, and unexpected circumstances.

The continuous work on the “bad quotes,” which are erroneous, is useless. You cannot carry out transactions at these rates with a real account since they are not market prices.

The connection was canceled. Even if your Internet connection is severed with the server, there’s no chance of losing anything if you trade on a demo account. Working with a real account does not suffer from the same problem as working with a simulated account: data transmission interruptions have a direct effect on the final trading outcome.

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